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Our Best Pricing Plan

At Peak Driving School, we offer a variety of driving lessons and pricing to suit the diverse needs of our students. Our primary goal is to help you become a safe, responsible, and confident driver. Below is an overview of our services and pricing

Driving Lesson (90 Minutes)

Our Introductory Driving Lesson is designed for first-time drivers or those with minimal experience. In this 90-minute session, our instructors will introduce the basics of car control, road rules, and safe driving techniques. This initial lesson is the perfect way to assess your teen's current skills and set the foundation for future lessons. At the end of the lesson, you and your teen will received a comprehensive overview of their progress today with a clear set of goals and objective to work towards.

$ 120
  • 90 Mins Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • Full Driving Assessment
  • Documented Feedback Of Progress Todate

Standard Driving Lesson (60 Minutes)

Our Standard Driving Lesson is a 60-minute session that builds on the skills learned in the introductory lesson. Our instructors will continue to develop your teen's driving abilities, focusing on areas such as hazard perception, defensive driving, and advanced manoeuvres. Each lesson is customised to meet your teen's specific needs, ensuring they make steady progress toward becoming a confident driver.

$ 80
  • 60 Mins Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • 2 Hour Highway Lesson
  • Book Up to 20 Lessons In Advance

Test Preparation Package (2.5 Hours)

Our Test Preparation Package is tailored to help your teen feel confident and ready for their driving test. This package includes a comprehensive assessment of your teen's driving skills, guidance on areas for improvement, and a mock driving test to simulate the actual testing experience. Our instructors will provide valuable feedback in written form, ensuring your teen is well-prepared for the big day.

$ 240
  • 60 Mins Intense Preparation Lesson
  • 30 Mins Practical Test (TMR)
  • Full Highway Assessment
  • Merging, Road Rules, Technical Manouvers


To help our students achieve their driving goals, we offer discounted packages that combine our services at a reduced rate. Our packages can be customised to include a combination of standard driving lessons and test preparation sessions, offering flexibility to cater to your teen's specific needs. Invest in your teen's driving future with Peak Driving School. Choose the service or package that suits your teen best and watch them become a confident and responsible driver. Book a lesson today!

$ 385
  • 5-Lesson Package: $385 (Save $15)
  • 10-Lesson Package: $780 (Save $20)
  • 20-Lesson Package: $1,540 (Save $40)
  • Flexible 60, 90 or 120 Minute Lessons

5 Day Intensive Driving Course (10 Hours, 5 x 2 Hours)

Looking to become a confident and safe driver fast? Our 5-Day Intensive Driving Course is here to help! With 10 hours of expert instruction, broken down into five 2-hour sessions, you'll learn everything you need to pass your test with flying colors. Our personalized approach ensures your learning needs are met, covering road safety, navigation, vehicle control, and more. What sets us apart? Our commitment to quality instruction and a student-centric approach. Ideal for those with busy schedules, don't miss out on achieving your driving dreams - enroll in our 5-Day Intensive Driving Course today!

$ 950 (Save 5%)
  • 60 or 120 Mins Driving Lessons
  • Additional Time Available
  • 2 Hour Highway Lesson
  • 8 Hours Pre-Licensing Training

Book Your Driving Lessons Today and Take the First Step Towards the Open Road!

Book Online in 4 Simple Steps (Takes 2 – 3 mins)

  1. Opt for AUTO (manual lessons available upon request)
  2. Pick your pick-up suburb
  3. Select your desired lesson package
  4. View instructor schedules
  5. Register on YLOODrive | Book & Pay online (Stripe Payments (1.75% Booking fee)
  6. Flexibility to adjust lessons as needed
  7. Once registered use YLOODrive’s Queensland Government Approved Logbook

Welcome to YLOODrive’s intgrated logbook (Queensland Government-approved), designed to make tracking your driving progress effortless and efficient. Peak Driving School, as one of Brisbane’s best driving schools, has proudly partnered with YLOODrive to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for our students. 

Our logbook’s user-friendly interface and integration allow you to log your hours with ease. To help you achieve your 100 hours quickly, each 1-hour driving lesson at Peak Driving School counts as 3 hours in your logbook (up to 10 hours of driving lessons, that 30 Hours in your logbook). This accelerated system enables you to complete your required hours faster and confidently hit the road. 

To register, simply book your first driving lesson by following the steps above and let YLOODrive be your platform of choice to manage your driving lesson bookings, payments and reminders.

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