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About Peak


While our goal is to gain excellent outcomes for our students in practical driving tests, our emphasis goes way beyond passing a test!

Through student-centered learning, we actively work towards increasing our students’ levels of knowledge, self-awareness, understanding and personal responsibility. 

Our passion is to help our students become

“Safe Drivers for Life”

Peak Driving School

Peak Driving School was established in 2015 and covers driving lessons in the Western Suburbs 
of Brisbane.   Our ethos is friendly and patient and we 
understand that each learner driver learns differently 
and at their own pace. 
We are strong road safety advocates and are passionate about providing students with invaluable techniques and life-long skills to become safe and confident drivers. 
We look forward to working with you!
  • Highly qualified, caring and professional learner education
  • Choice of instructors/coaches
  • Book and pay online or in-car
  • Auto and manual lessons
  • ANCAP rated, dual-control vehicles
  • Excellent value for money
  • Electronic lesson note feedback
  • Using the YLOODrive Booking platform
  • YLOODrive logbook QLD Government recognised
  • GPS Tracked drives – instructed and supervised
  • Flexible collection and drop off



Our Coaches undergo ongoing professional development and are committed to providing the highest standards of driving tuition.  They are:

Instruction vehicles are:

  • Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla and Suzuki Swifts
  • Modern, air-conditioned and fitted with dual controls
  • Are serviced every 10,000km with ANCAP ratings of ‘5’ 


Our students and parent experience is important to us.  We offer the highest quality tutoring with patient professionalism that has come to represent the Peak Driving ethos.

We coach our learner’s with a goal-setting approach designed to focus them on specific outcomes they would like to achieve.

  1.   S  – Specific
  2.   M – Measurable
  3.   A – Achievable
  4.   R – Relevant
  5.   T – Timely 



PEAK’s philosophy is a partnership between students, parents and driving educators.  Information shared in our lessons is shared with parents and carers ensuring the conversation is kept alive in between lessons and habits are reinforced when students are driving with other supervisors

  • We care about our students
  • Student safety is our top priority.   
  • We train in ways that will help our learner drivers develop confidence as quickly but as safely as is practical. 
  • We communicate with students before, during and after each lesson (as well as provide parents with electronic feedback) 
  • We ensuring students are learning the skills and techniques needed for safe competent driving. 


Whilst attaining independence and freedom is often at the forefront of a students’ mindset, Peak Driving School is a strong advocate of road safety. We use the opportunity in our driving lessons to discuss road safety and support the partnership with parents in helping further educate on good road safety awareness. We believe it starts with a good positive attitude the moment you get behind the wheel. Through developing awareness of other drivers behaviours on the road and creating simple strategies to remain relaxed and focused at all times, we help our students build confidence in keeping themselves safe on the roads.

Road safety is all our responsibility and at Peak, we strive to make a difference.